The Young Pope???

I’ve been watching The Young Pope on HBO.

I’m confused…about so many things.

  1. I’m confused about if I even like this show. I’ve watched four episodes and I can’t decipher if I even like it or not. There don’t seem to be any redeeming characters and even in my fever induced haze yesterday, I caught myself thinking, why am I watching this?
  2. I’m confused about why Jude Law is such a dick. Yes, you were abandoned to an orphanage but DUDE, you’re the frickin’ POPE! Get over yourself. Also, how does  no one understand that he’s a dick. He flat out tells you and you just think he’s kidding. Nope, he’s really a dick. Like I said, when someone tells you who they really are, you should believe them.
  3. Also, the Vatican is boring. I get it, this whole thing is a Machiavellian intrigue but it’s boring.
  4. The guy playing Cardinal Voiello has this gigantic mole on his face and I feel like Austin Powers because that’s all I can see. I would add a gif here but I can’t figure out how to do it. ARGH!

I don’t have time for all this but I set the series to record so I know I’ll still watch it when it shows up in the DVR. #SlavetoDVR

2 thoughts on “The Young Pope???”

    1. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. My discussion of the Young Pope is fairly shallow because there isn’t any real depth to begin with. As a limited series, it doesn’t have the luxury of taking a season or two to drop backstory, motivation, goals, or the real conflict. After four episodes, nothing of real value has been divulged.

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