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Monday Funday


It’s Monday.

It’s also President’s Day which means that Scarlett’s daycare is closed. Am I at home with her? Nope, my wonderful husband has taken the day off. I am, unfortunately, at work. We “observe” President’s Day in November or December…I can’t remember which. It’s either tacked on the end of Thanksgiving or Christmas so we get two days off at a time. President’s Day and Columbus Day are the same. Which one is attached to which holiday, I have no idea.

Anyway, this is where my crazy comes in. My husband and my daughter are at home. Having fun. Without me.

I understand that this is bonkers. I know this. If I was at home with her, I’d be exhausted and swearing at Ross in my head. Here’s the thing. I have these visions of them having a great time, laughing, playing, and general shenanigans. And I’m missing it.

It’s not just them. I also feel this way when Ross has the day off and I don’t. In my defense, my husband is an ass and sends me selfies from the hipster places he goes to breakfast when he has the day off in the middle of the week. He sends me updates of the fun things he’s doing while I’m sitting at work. Or sends me texts like, “Guess where I am…”. Ass. I don’t do that to him.

I think they might have gone to the zoo toady. I’ll finish this blog like I started it. *sigh*