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Tourny Time!!

Some people love summer. Not me. I hate the heat and I want no part of the sun. Some people love fooball season. Nope. No thank you. Some people are focused on holidays like Halloween, Easter, or new years. These are great but I don’t look forward to any of them. There are only a few times of year that I simply adore.

  1. My birthday and my daughter’s birthday. I always turn these two days into extravaganzas and go waaaay overboard.
  2. The holiday season from the end of Thanksgiving straight through to New Year’s Day. I love all the decorations, the giving, the shopping, baking, and the tradition of it.
  3. March Madness! This is THE best part of spring.

Here’s the thing. I watch the games. I watch the weird games in November that no one cares about. I don’t watch as often as I used to with Scarlett and all the other stuff going on. But I’m the person in the house that actually watches the games. I fill out a bracket every year and I never even come close to winning in our house. Ross doesn’t even start watching basketball until January or February. This whole thing just pisses me off.

On top of that, Ohio State didn’t even get into the tournament this year. They shouldn’t either. Jesus, they hit conference play and collapsed. I had to stop watching the games because they were making me sad.

So, here we are. I’ve filled out my bracket and have Big Ten teams going way too far. I know this. But I can’t help it. I’m a homer and if I can’t have OSU going way too far, then i’m putting Purdue to win it all.

Behold! My horrible bracket that wil be my downfall in my house for this years tournament challenge.