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VH1 Nostalgia

Let’s talk about how much I miss some of the shows from VH1. The 1990’s and early 2000’s were clearly VH1’s best years. This was the decade that they actually had shows about music. Here’s the thing, I like music. I listen to it sometimes when I’m not listening to an audiobook (that is my clear preference) but I’m not a music fiend. I had very few tapes and then CD’s. I have zero songs owned now. I don’t pay into a streaming service like Google Play Music or Spotify. I don’t have an iTunes account. That being said, I watched VH1 ALL THE TIME. There were some damned good shows that I loved and couldn’t turn off. They were like crack cocaine.

Let’s talk about Pop Up Video. If you’ve never seen Pop Up Video, your life is less lack luster for it. This was amazing. They’d play a video and give you little nuggets of information along the way; about the video, about something that happened in the video, about the artist or the people in the video. I could watch this for hours and it didn’t even matter if I liked the song or not.

Let’s talk about my favorite VH1 show in the whole wide world…Behind the Music. Again, if you’ve never seen this, Behind the music was a biographical/documentary type show that followed a band from their start to their EPIC demise. That’s the thing about Behind the Music, there wasn’t an episode that didn’t involve drug use, band dysfunction, or someone’s death. Basically, if you were a functioning adult with good a good band dynamic, you couldn’t be on Behind the Music. It was kinda like the 30 for 30 episodes only without the happy or inspirational endings.

If you watch the below episode of Behind the Music in it’s entirety…I completely understand. They’re addictive. Unsolved Mysteries was kind of like that but that’s a topic for another blog.

Evidently, you can watch all episodes of Behind the Music here but you have to sign in for access. I assume that means you have to have an account with VH1. I’m not doing that. Even for Behind the Music. Listen, I already know who’s dead and was on drugs. I lived through it.

All of this dates me. I understand that. However, you can’t question the quality of these shows. Also, I don’t care.