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Shopping, Summer, and Sophistication

I need some summer clothes. No really, I have nothing. I hate being hot and wearing jeans and cardigans in the middle of summer really isn’t an option. I need a bunch of stuff in cotton and linen. Sweaty polyester is just disgusting. Trust me.

Here’s the thing though. I HATE shopping for clothes. I just hate it so much. I hate picking things out and trying to create outfits. I hate trying to decipher what something is going to look like off the hanger. I hate trying them on. I hate taking an arm full of clothes into the fitting room and then coming out with nothing.

I’m definitely not getting extra sizes either. If the size I brought doesn’t fit, then that’s it. A different size isn’t going to make it look any better. I also hate going to different stores. It just takes so much time that I don’t really have. I end up ordering a lot online and then shipping most of it back.

Honestly, I just want to be able to wear athleisure all day – every day. That would be awesome. Can we have a world where that’s acceptable?


Bahahahaha! Yes please. All of the above. I’m so damned sophisticated it hurts.