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She-Ra Reboot

It’s the holiday season which means Ross is working more closing shifts. What this means is that I am left to my own devices in deciding what to watch. I don’t make good choices. My iPad has basically become a tiny television for me to watch Netflix in bed. I am, in fact, able to access Netflix on the television in my bedroom but don’t. Mainly out of laziness. Don’t. Judge.

So, instead of watching any of the high quality shows in my list, I’ve chosen to watch the new She-Ra. That’s right, it’s back.


It’s actually pretty good. I don’t remember the original too well so, I really can’t compare. I do remember watching it about 10 years ago -you know, when Netflix was actually mailing DVD’s out – and I remember thinking that it was ridiculously cheesy. The reboot was not cheesy. It was fun and surprisingly emotionally complicated.

In the new version, there is some snark which makes my heart happy, and just some ridiculousness that make it amazing. Mermista, the sea princess, is so droll and sarcastic. I think she might be my favorite.

The one thing that I can’t get over, however, is that she keeps saying “by the power of Grayskull” to transform into She-Ra but no one has explained what Grayskull is!

Catra is such a petty, jealous, vindictive bitch! I love her.

So, now that I’ve binged the entire season (all 13 episodes) this week, I’m going to have to move onto something else. Here are my options

  • an infinite list of sappy holiday movies – which I adore! A Christmas Prince The Royal Wedding here I come!
  • any of the Marvel movies still in the list
  • Maniac
  • Jessica Jones (yeah, cause I still haven’t watched that)
  • Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father
  • one of the billion serial killer docuseries/true crime shows I have in my list – my Netflix home page is swathed in blacks and reds. There are no happy colors queued up for me. 
  • Or I could go back and watch the original She-Ra, cause its in the list now too!