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School Pictures

So, today is picture day for my lovely daughter. She’s in the second grade this year and I don’t have high hopes for these turning out well. Based on previous years pictures, something miraculous would have to happen for these to turn out well; like she steps off the bus and they immediately wisk her off to take her picture. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t happen.

They have gotten progressively better over the last two years . . . kinda.

The below is from last year. She looks fine. Her hair still looks resonably good and there are no obvious paint/food/etc stains on the shirt. However, the expression on her face is somewhere between “this is a proof of life picture” and “my face got stuck in the Joker position but I’m not sad about it”. Why are her nostrils so big? Is she trying to breathe fire? I don’t even know.

1st Grade

Her kindergarten year is a whole other story . . .


What the actual fuck happened here. She’s a hot mess. It looks like she ran a marathon before taking this picture or maybe wrestled a bear. By the look on her face, I say she won. That expression is a very, “yep, I just kicked the ass of a bear on the playground”.

Today, I have put my daughter in a cute dress and done her so that it won’t look like a creature could have nested in it. I hope that’s enough because that’s all I can do. To be honest though, I’m kinda hoping for another one of these. They’re hilarious.