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Vacation Recap

Our goal of hitting every chipotle-esque restaurant in town was a partial win.

On Monday, we went to Bibibop – which we love.

On Tuesday, we went to PokeBap – which was a total win! It was a little more expensive than the others but it was all fish based and totally worth it. In case anyone is wondering what Hawaiian Chipotle looks like, here you go.


Delicious right? I don’t know what half the shit on it was but it was good.

On Wednesday, we went to Aab India’s lunch buffet. Don’t judge. I only get to go when I’m on vacation.

We hit Chipotle, the classic and original, on Friday.

Then on Sunday, we went to Curry Up. This was good. I think I made a bad choice on the rice selection. They had a “spicy” rice. It wasn’t really spicy but instead had a woodsy/peppery taste that I just didn’t care for. Ross liked his and I think that if I’d made a different choice, I would have too. I ate everything but the rice. Do you how hard that is????

It was pretty though.


That about sums up my vacation.  A little yard work, consuming almost all of the back Flash episodes and Big Little Lies. All in all, a complete week.