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Self-Care in a time of Crisis

I haven’t put up a blog in a while. For the most part, its because I haven’t left the house since March 16th. I’m not even joking about that fact. I went to work on March 16th, came home and then OSU was a complete, work from home, situation. I’ve gone out to walk around the block or ride my bike with Scarlett, but that’s about it. I keep reading posts online about how people are getting stir crazy. yeah, I don’t have that problem. Us Gen Xers could live out this pandemic and be the only survivors and never know it because we still wouldn’t leave our house.

So, since I have ZERO content due to the fact that I haven’t left the house in two weeks, I decided to give you an “opportunity”/reason to have a glass of wine.

Self-Care Bingo. You’re welcome!

Stress Relief

So, working in a bureaucracy can be . . . horrible. Things that make perfect sense to you, things that are reasonable, and should be clear cut become convoluted and complicated. That’s why, being the wonderful and benevolent boss that I am, I bought Nerf guns.


I bought one for everyone in the office. Ross says this is not really a good idea in the work place but, honestly, they feel better. It makes the people come into my office who are angry feel better. Shooting off a few NERF darts at a white board, relieves quite a bit of stress. My employees get two 15 minute breaks. If they want to spend it in my office, playing with the NERF gun and reducing their blood pressure, I’m not going to argue.

I even bought one for my boss. He didn’t give it back.