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Date Night … Kinda

On Saturday, after Scarlett went to bed, Ross and I had a subdued date night. Honestly, we really just got some chips and dip out and watched a movie. We didn’t even rent anything, we picked from the list of DVR’d choices we’d been hording for a while.

We chose The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1¬†which had, literally been in our DVR since 11-16-2015. That’s right. Almost two years.

Ross was kind of sad to delete it once we’d actually watched it. He thought it would be in there forever and it might have been if it hadn’t been for our decision to have a spur of the moment date night.

What about Part 2, you might ask.

Well, we have that in our DVR too. That was recorded in November of 2016 so I figure we have time. At least a year before we need to watch it.

I feel good about this. #DVRgoals