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Swimming Lesson Fail

Saturday was Scarlett’s first swimming lesson. Of all the things that I thought could go wrong…this wasn’t one of them.

Here she is in her little swimming cap and goggles, which she was SUPER EXCITED about.


This picture is deceptive, since he usually loves taking selfies but was nervous. We enrolled her in safe splash which is conducted out of the L.A. Fitness gyms around town. It started out well, she was inching her way into the water and engaging with the instructor who was incredibly patient. There were only four of them so, it was going well. She ran back to me a few times for a hug, which she is prone to do. Then the crashing started. I didn’t think too much about it until she turned to me in a panic. The floor above the pool, evidently, is where the free weights are located. My daughter doesn’t do well with loud noises; fireworks, thunder, explosions on tv. You get the picture. With each crash from the floor above, she became more panicked until she was screaming to go home.

I’m going to be honest with you. Who ever was dropping those weights was being kind of a dick about it. First, you’re not supposed to drop the weights, for a myriad of reasons. Then it just became a continuous crash above our heads.

Now, as any parent knows, once you reach a certain point…there’s no turning back. Once the tears turn into hiccuping and hyperventilating, the only answer is to leave and never, NEVER go back. Since, these classes are held in L.A Fitness gyms, I can only assume that the set up at the other gyms is identical since they have a prescribed floor plan.

So, this morning, I cancelled our enrollment (through no fault of safe splash, by the way) because who could of seen that coming. I have now enrolled her in classes through a local pool that is OUTSIDE and no one will be dropping free weights. The down side is that it’s only 8 weeks instead of year round, cause you know, it’s outside in Ohio.