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Is it wrong that I’m jealous of a cartoon character?

Hear me out.

I’m ridiculously jealous of Elena of Avalor’s hair. I’m serious, look at this bitch’s locks. It’s just not fair. It’s so thick, bouncy, and full. I bet she can’t even hold it back with one ponytail holder. Yeah, I mean, she’s crowned princess and has a magic scepter (I totally had to look up the spelling of scepter – #noshame) but it’s the hair that really gets to me.


Meanwhile, I’m lucky if my hair doesn’t look stringy at any point beyond my ears. I’m serious. Look at this hot mess. And don’t judge me about drinking in Kroger. Wine and grocery shopping is the best thing EVER. I miss it sooooo much. I tried to find a comparable picture (crown, scepter, and equally weird smile). I think it fits.


So, yes. I’m woman enough to admit that I’m jealous of a cartoon character. I realize that we’re all about diversity now, so how about some fine haired princesses who don’t have long luscious locks.

That would be great! Thanks Disney!