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Ross and I were having a conversation about weird, but horrible Sci-Fi movies in the 70’s and 80’s. Highlander happened to come up and as we flipped through the channel guide, guess what happened to be on?  You guessed it. HIGHLANDER!

I have some questions and this is really only a brief dip into the weirdness of this movie.

  1. Why Christopher Lambert?

This clip, which raises more questions, may be the best acting he does in the entire film.

Also, why is he at this wrestling match? They never say!

2. Sean Connery. Why is the only Scot in the movie playing a Spanish Conquistador? Don’t get me wrong, he’s giving it his all, but still. Also, I often wonder if Sean Connery felt ridiculous while working on this movie. Like, JFC, I used to be James Bond! How did I go from Lion in Winter to this?

3. Also, I realize that this is minor, but why does Christopher Lambert wear like 5 coats at all times during the movie? e4448fc71470d862254cfc4ded56db15

I mean, look at this. Not only is he wearing a trench coat with gloves and sneakers (God only knows why) but then, he’s got a leather jacket under the trench! WHY????

4. Why is there a beat cop in the interrogation room? Also, he’s kind of a dick and really just gives cops a bad name.

Honestly, this was as far as we got before I said it was enough and went to sleep. Maybe next time, I’ll get farther and we’ll have more to talk about.