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Random Roundup

I’ve come to the very real conclusion that pants with waistbands are stupid. Its 2023 for crying out loud, why do we still have restrictive waistbands? In addition, why do we have waistbands that curve in against my waist instead of lying flat? Do you know how uncomfortable this shit is for anyone who isn’t a stick. They dig into you and constrict your ability to move freely. Just so, uncomfortable. Those yoga pants that look like dress pants are looking better and better all the time.

We’ve had thousands of years of making clothes, granted – clothing has routinely been pretty painful and uncomfortable for women because, well, dude’s suck-we should know better and have better fitting shit by now. For curved in waistbands alone, the patriarchy must be brought down.

On a completely different level, this is happening…

Why? I ask you why?

Why was it necessary to produce this product?

More importantly, why is the starter kit $45?!? Can’t I just put some lotion or shit on my skin. Why do I need a special serum? I’m not going to use a separate fucking razor for my who-ha than I do on everything else. WTAF Gillette? Also, the 1 star reviews aren’t giving me a good feeling about this product.

However, the commercial is amazing to watch. I give this a good 7 out of 10, just for brazenness alone. Well done marketing people. Well done.

Sometimes, being a woman is uncomfortable, ridiculous, aggrevating, and expensive. Periods, we don’t love those. Bras are evil but a necessity for some of us. Panty hose are the worst. Mysogyny is stupid and short sighted. Unexpected weight gain. Just to name a few.

However, sometimes being a woman can also be fantastic. We’re clearly smarter, on many levels, and that’s all that matters.