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Reading Challenges 2022

Have you ever participated in a reading challenge? There are quite a few floating around out there. There’s always the annual How many books you read this year on Goodreads.com which I always set a number for myself. To be honest, i set it a bit low in the 60-70 books range, mostly because I set it high one year and a bunch of shit happened during that year. I fell far short and felt like an utter failure for a completely made up and self-imposed challenge.

I get that that’s crazy.

Anyway, I’ve seen a few new ones pop up in some of my reading groups.

Back to the Classics – This one seems fun and comes with a prize. A year-long challenge in which participants are encouraged to finally read the classics they’ve always meant to read — or just recently discovered. 

There are a bunch of great categories and I would be totally down for this one, except the nonfiction classic. I can’t. I can barely tolerate nonfiction now, let alone some antiquated bullshit some white dude was spewing 50+ years ago.

Read Around the World Challenge – Are you ready to go on an unforgettable journey from the comfort of your favorite reading chair? Throughout this year-long challenge, we’ll be your travel guides, and we’ve put together comprehensive reading lists full of great books for each geographic monthly reading prompt!

This one comes with a grid. I love a grid.

Plus, there are helpful links for each month to help you get started. Actually, I might put this on my list of challenges to consider. Even if I have already missed January.

The Clock Reading ChallengeThe goal: to read 12 books, each with a number from 1 to 12 in the title.

This one also comes with a grid. I can’t tell you how excited I am about the grids.

This seems too taxing for me. And honestly, I have too many books sitting on my TBR pile to buy more for this particular challenge. Wait…did I just say that? Sorry, I think I might have had a brain fog or something. I couldn’t possibly said, I wouldn’t buy more books.

If you’re looking for more fun, themed reading challenges, there are a whole mess of them over at girlxoxo.com on the 2022 Master List of Reading Challenges

If you’re tired of goodreads.com or need your information displayed digitally, check out TheStoryGraph.com. They also have an entire page of reading challenges to choose from.

As an aside, StoryGraph is kinda neat. You can upload your goodreads information but it doesn’t sync so you either have to maintain both or make the switch. I’m personally too invested in goodreads with my author site that I can’t really use both or make the switch. However, StoryGraph does give you fun visual stats like this:

There are plenty of reading challenges out there for every flavor of reading. Jump in and have fun!