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Oscar Shenanigans


First – That shit is tooooooo long.

Why do we need a tour bus full of people to come through and slow this train wreck down? The answer is, we don’t. That took at least 10 minutes. A wasted 10 minutes.

Why do we need any of the shenanigans that transpired over the course of the Oscars? We don’t. Just give out the awards.

Why did Jimmy Kimmel need to do two minutes of material after every commercial break? He didn’t. That alone, took up 15 to 20 minutes of air time.

Second –¬†For the love of God, feed these people and stop making a spectacle of it!

Why did they have to make a point of dropping snacks on the crowd? Why can’t this thing just run like a baseball game? At intermissions, pass out granola bars, popcorn, and hot dogs. I would like to point out that they didn’t drop anything on the seats in the balcony and I bet they were just as hungry.

Third – 11pm is a hard deadline!

What the hell are you doing running this thing beyond 11pm on a Sunday night. Don’t you know that people – namely me – has to get up and go to work in the morning? I missed my favorite part (the Parade of Death, aka In Memoriam) because it was too late. I’m not waiting around through all the shenanigans until you get your act together. Either start earlier or cut out some of the ridiculous shit you have going on.

Luckily, someone sent me the link today…So, there’s that, at least.

Fourth – Seriously? Who’s getting fired for that snafu???

Is that the accounting firm’s fault? If so, doesn’t that call into question the integrity of the entire process. Is it the poor kid’s who brought out the card? Don’t blame the kids, they’re just doing what they’re told. Is it the fault of Warren Beatty and/or Faye Dunaway because¬†they’re 100? Well, they are.

Again, I didn’t even see it because, like I said, I was asleep.

Although, Steve Harvey’s year is looking better and better.


At least they’ve asked Steve Harvey back. Do you think they’ll ask back Warren Beatty or Faye Dunaway again?