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Spiders, Husbands, & Parties


If anyone is looking for an update on Cornelius, here it is. He is doing very well, created himself a little web in the corner in between my wall and the recycling bin. Now, This poses a problem on trash day but I’ve got that covered. Actually, I told the custodial staff that I was keeping him and now they’re checking in on him to make sure he’s still there. I’m getting everyone involved in Cornelius’s well-being.

You might say, “Suzanne, this is crazy.”

Maybe, but what started off as a joke is now something to look forward to when I go into the office. Plus, this little guy is doing his job. There hasn’t been a fruit fly to be seen since I left him alone.

Thanks Cornelius, because those little assholes were annoying. Ross commented the other day about why I was killing spiders at home and not at the office. Here’s the difference. I sleep at home and I do NOT want those little legs crawling all over me when I sleep. That’s just creepy.


So, Ross has been out of town this week at his annual store managers conference. What this means is that I’ve been alone with Scarlett all week while he’s in Orlando. All I can say is there better be a present in his suitcase for me when he gets back. A good one too.


This Saturday I am having a party for my parents in honor of their 50th Wedding Anniversary – plus they haven’t managed to murder each other in the process so that’s a bonus. I’ve been cleaning and prepping all week. If you read the above paragraph then you realize that I’ve been doing it alone. ALONE!

I sent out the invitations at the beginning of June and received about three RSVP’s. I’m pretty sure that no one is coming to this thing and that I’m going to have a shit-ton of chicken left over. At least I won’t have to cook dinner for about a month afterwards. So there’s that.

Look on the bright side, people. No cooking for at least a week.