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Reboots and I’m 12 All Over Again

So, last night was the reboot of Murphy Brown. Ross was surprised to hear me say that I’d loved Murphy Brown when it was originally on. He then went on to argue that if two of your original cast members are dead, you don’t get to reboot. I disagreed. Only one of those people died from natural causes. That’s the only one that counts.

We watched it for a little while but but didn’t finish it. I’m going to go back and watch it later when I’m by myself, in order to not be judged by my judgy husband and to revel in the 12 year old me who loved the dynamics of this show and of a woman in power and unapologetic about it. It seems oddly relevant now. I think some of Murphy Brown and my myriad of Constitutional law classes really impressed upon me the importance of the press.

Anyway, back to the show and all that heavy shit. We’re not here for that…right. Sitting there – okay, laying there because I was in bed and I’m not ashamed to say it. I realized how long it had been since I watched an actual sitcom. It was weird in a lot of ways. I can’t remember the last time I watched a show that was on a set, with a laugh track attached. It was a throwback for me to a time of Friends and Seinfeld. I found it incredibly strange to watch. The most recent shows I watched that were even close were Black-ish, Modern Family, and Parks and Recreation. The set up, the filming, even the color between the sitcom set-up and the shows I just listed is different. Also, I remember how much I hated Corky. Just HATED her character. How did that woman even get to a place of prominence in a journalistic format. Oh wait, Fox news. I forgot.

At some point, as he was flipping back and forth between the Vikings/Rams game, he said that Murphy Brown’s house hadn’t changed. she didn’t change the interior decorations at all. I said, that’s why she had the painter. Ross responded, and now he’s dead. We are harsh people.

Ross did laugh out loud with the Hillary Clinton bit. That was amazing.  I did have to explain the endless parade of assistants Murphy Brown had. You should have seen the side-eye that man gave me. It was pretty good.

So, what have we learned. I will not watch the Magnum reboot because that’s just sacrilegious but I will watch the Murphy Brown reboot because Candice Bergen is awesome.