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Match Game

I’m a strange person and I’m well aware of this fact. Also, I don’t care.

I love the Match Game with Alec Baldwin. This is amazing. And the campy way he’s all in is incredible. Seriously, he’s toting around a Bob Barker style mic and hamming it up for the crowd. The decor is straight out of the 70’s, giving it a nostalgic feel. Honestly though, the people who remember watching this thing when it was originally on are either dead or can’t stay up late enough to watch the new show. It was on at 9:30 pm last night and that was pushing it for me. Don’t judge! I had a long and very stupid day and stupid makes me sleepy.

Aside from stupidity, I think what makes this fun is that Alec Baldwin is clearly having a blast. He’s enjoying himself and not ashamed to show it. Everyone seems to be having a good time and laughing. Sometimes, I find people laughing funnier than the actual jokes. I don’t know why. There also isn’t any weirdness about someone being a celebrity vs a normal person. They’re all just having fun.

A little aside…Horatio Sands was on last night as one of the panelists. What’s he doing with his life lately? Just wondering, you know, for a friend…

There’s a part of me that thinks maybe Alec Baldwin is a real asshole but also ton’s of fun. You know…like me.


This is the last time…I promise. Rone Award voting ends on Sunday, so get your vote in now. Is it wrong to register with every email addresses and vote? #askingforafriend

Violet Abyss has been nominated for a RONE Award.

This round is basically a popularity contest, which means I’m pretty much doomed. But let’s give it a go.

Here’s the competition!

WEEK 4:  (May 7th – 13th)

Paranormal: Long (4 finalists)


Tangible Spirits – Becki Willis
To Catch a Spirit – Carrie Pulkinen
Spirits of the Heart – Claire Gem
Waking the Dead – D.B. Sieders
The Demigod’s Legacy – Holley Trent
Rule Breakers, Soul Takers – Jacqueline Jayne
Wolf Enforcer – Jessica Aspen
The White Lily – Juliette Cross
End of the Road – Karen Michelle Nutt
Naomi – Mya O’Malley
Saving Jace – Rebecca Rivard
Dark Lord of the Night – S.K Ryder
Violet Abyss – Suzanne M. Sabol

In order to vote, you MUST be registered on our website at www.indtale.com.

Vote! But also, tell your friends.