Click Bait and Feed Fodder

I am obsessed with videos online of people doing shit. Just shit. It doesn’t even matter what it is. I just watched a 3 minute video of someone tie-dying shirts. I HATE tie-dye.

There are a couple amazing video feeds that show up on my timelines and I can’t stop.

Cake decorating videos – these are like crack to me. I don’t know why but I find watching them soothing. Then I always think, I could probably do that. Long story short, I can’t and really…I don’t want to. I like the idea of being able to do that but I make like three cakes a year. i don’t need that in my life.

There’s this woman who puts on make-up while talking about serial killers and true crime. It i legitimately just her putting on make-up while she talks into a camera. This has me on a few levels. The first is true crime/serial killers. I cannot turn that shit off. The second is the process of doing something. Watching her put on make-up from start to finish, again is soothing.

There is a class of videos out there where people are cooking in the woods over an open flame. Some of them are Ukranian, Azerbaijani, Armenian, etc. They are some babyshka’s out in the wilderness cooking traditional dishes over a fire. Some of these people are using the BIGGEST knife I’ve ever seen. See below. Where do I get one of these? In fact, I think I want both in the picture. These ladies are out there dragging live chickens and such to the spot, slaughtering them and then prepping them for cooking. They are not playing around. I love them. Each and every one of them.

People making things. That’s all it takes for me. I cannot stop watching these videos. Making a guitar out of colored pencils. Making tables from driftwood and resin. Those weird 5 minute craft videos about absolutely nothing…I’m never going to do any of those things with a pool noodle or half a plastic bottle. I don’t have any of tha shit laying around the house, but it doesn’t stop me from watching them.

The algorithms have my number.

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