New Job! Wins and Woes

I’m not sure if its me OR if this is just how things are in the real world. But everytime I start a new job, it seems like there’s been a shit storm brewing for some time and I’ve finally walked into it. Or maybe, I’m the only one who knows that its broken.

This new position is no different. I’ve managed to speak to all of my staff now and like 95% of them seem great. Then there is the 5% that is just incompetant. That’s just awesome to find out on day two.

Also, I’m pretty sure the processes and organization need to be reviewed and updated too. I’ve already found some redundancies and I’ve already gotten way too many emails about a single event that should have just been done.

Again…its day two.

Everyone is working remote which makes everything just a bit harder. Plus, onboarding has been a NIGHTMARE! I’m still using the computer from my old job. I can’t imagine that they’re going to allow that forever. No one seems to know what’s going on either. I’m not sure how to even get in the building or my office. Do I even have an office? Who knows?!?

Day three and I’ve made it into the office and gotten my ID badge.

The ID badge was a cluster. The system was picking up, not only my employee number from my previous position, but also from my maiden name which was confusing the hell out of the system. After about 45 minutes, they finally got it all straightened out and i have a brand new ID.

Then I got to my actual office. I managed to get parking which was a miracle AND there was someone in there to let me in. YAY! Then we got to my own personal office…it took three people to find the key to the office and a phone call to the person who used to be the office manager and RETIRED three months ago.

There is no computer. I have some monitors but no tower and no laptop. I’m told that a computer may happen either today or tomorrow…keep your fingers crossed. For some reason, there’s an extra office chair in here. There isn’t room for an additional office chair. Also, I gave up an office with a wonderful view and a shit ton of natural light for a box with no windows that is half the size of my previous office…

I knew I should have asked to look at it before hand.

Also, this office is DIRTY. I’m going to have to clean it and I hate cleaning…anything.

Day four of my journey into a new work world.

I am alone in this office and its freezing. I couldn’t get in, because my badge still isn’t working, and i managed to sweet talk someone into letting me in. Which, for anyone that knows me, was a feat in and of itself.

Can I also just say that only having a laptop screen in this office without the docking station is SUPER ANNOYING. I want to throw things up on another screen so i can look at things across screens. ARGH!

Sidenote: I do realize that my above rant about the screens is definitely a first world issue and considering what’s going on in the world, I am incredibily privledged and i’m going to shut my face about the screens. Accept that there are two screens sitting here staring at me . . . mocking me and I can’t hook into them.

Tomorrow, I’m working from home. Hopefully, that goes better…

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