Too Much to Do

So many things to do and not enough time to do them.

First, i’m reviewing the ARC for Infinite Azure for typos and crazy shit one last time before it goes up for pre-sale. I’ll have that link to share in the next few weeks.

Second, it’s Ross’s birthday this week. My husband turns 43 tomorrow. So, today I have to make his cake and wrap his presents. Don’t forget that I have to work a full day today. UGH. So much pressure.

Third, I’m starting a whole new job on the 28th. I’m both excited and sad. I adored my team and leaving them makes me feel incredibly sad. I have guilt. However, it was time for more challenges and a change of pace. I’ll be leaving the position/department I’ve been working in for the past 8.5 years. So, I’m trying to wrap things up, mentally prepare everyone for my imminent departure, as well as the structural void that is going to happen in the department once I’m gone. I think its just starting to dawn on some of them how much I’m responsible for, both administratively and emotionally – holding everyone’s hands through basic decision making. So that’s been fun.

So, nothing fun in the blog this week. I, however, am sharing my stress with you. #you’rewelcome

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