Vacation & Pie

For all you Americans out there, Happy Thanksgiving week!

Right now, I’m powering through an audio book. I have 11.5 hours left in this one and it’s due in two days. Ugh! I’m off this week, because…Thanksgiving…and everything I’d planned on doing it has gone right out the window. All that writing I had intended to get done has now been swept aside by baking pies/cakes/cheesecakes, meeting family and friends, and Christmas shopping for early family events. How is it possible that I’m already two days into a VACATION and i’m already stressed out.

What I really need is a week, alone, in a hotel room with all my “stuff” to get over this hump and on the way down toward the end of this manuscript. Actually, if I could just lock myself in my office without being interrupted, that would be amazing. None of which is likely to happen.

Maybe I’ll just binge on pie instead. That sounds like a fine idea.

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