Odds & Ends

Today is election day in the states and I did my part. Scarlett and I went to vote and she didn’t throw a fit or breakdown into a sobbing mess of tears. I’d call that a win. I kind of want to watch a running tab all day long but that’s just stupid and not very accurate. Seriously, we can figure out how to open our phones with our faces but we can’t figure out how to get everyone the ability to vote.


Also, this month, is Nanowrimo. If you don’t know what that is, this is basically a kick in the pants for all writers out there to get their shit together and actually put some words down on page. This stands for National Novel Writing Month. Get it? Nanowrimo?

I used to participate in this every year. I would put in my word count religiously, all on the path to 50,000 for the month. Used to. Here’s the thing. I cheat. I can’t be trusted to be honest. I would take something I was already working on and spread those words over the course of the month, essentially padding my numbers to look good against a bunch of people I’d never meet. Classy, I know.

Yeah, so I decided I didn’t need to do that any more. Certainly frees up my November for other stressors, like the holidays. Plus, we still have Halloween candy which is only going to end up on my ass as dimply grossness. I’ve been pretty good about it but the longer it sits there, mocking me, the more likely I am to just shove a shit-ton of Twix and Snickers in my face and not feel bad about it.

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