I’m almost done with my second round for Hereditary Magic. In case you missed the cover reveal, here you go.

HereditaryMagic_850 (1)

Woohoo! I’m very excited but then the pressure is on to Finish Amber Ruin, cause I’m not. Here’s the deal though, I’ve gone through the entire manuscript and hopefully made it better. I originally wrote most of it on Dropbox online. They have an online word function that really helped when I move between computers because I don’t write just in one place. What I didn’t know and didn’t actually pay attention to was the fact that all the quotation marks are automatically formatted as “. Straight up and down with no direction signifying where the dialogue begins and where it ends.

You might ask yourself, but Suzanne…why does it matter? I have no fucking clue. But my editor wants all of them changed. That’s all I know. There are 406 pages to this thing. Would you like to know how many quotation marks I have to go through and fix?????


Four Thousand Three Hundred and Thirteen.

Are you fucking kidding me?

This is the shit that always bites me in the ass. I think I found something that’s going to be great, save me a bunch of time, and revolutionize my world AND, no. It ends up taking longer and burning brain cells to fix 4313 quotation marks. UGH!

I know what I’m doing this weekend.

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