Ambient Colors

I’m sitting in the car driving from Dayton after dropping off my daughter. Today is the day we leave on vacation and we are child free. And yes, I’m typing this in the car. Thank you wifi in the car. Ross has already mocked me once that I was working in the car and that we were supposed to be on vacation. Whatever.

Last night we were watching TV and evidently, Volkswagon has this new thing where they have ambient lighting in their Jetta’s. Why? What exactly are you doing in your car that you need ambient lighting for? You have 10 choices. What the hell are those colors supposed to be ambient for and how does that help you exactly? One of them was red. Is that the ambient color for murder? If you see some guy sitting in a Jetta with the red light on…run. None of the colors are beige, which I hear is supposed to be very soothing.

Also, are you supposed to drive with the colors flashing in the cabin of the car? That seems kinda dangerous to me. This is just going to spawn a bunch to texting while driving about these stupid ambient colors, cause millennials.

This just seems like a bad idea all around. Ross said that this is the shit companies do when they don’t have real shit to add to a package. Maybe that’s true, but I feel like there are real features you could have added instead of ambient lighting…

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