TV Reboots

I don’t really understand the resurgence of old tv shows. Let’s be honest, there are some that just shouldn’t be. I know I was extremely excited about X-Files but after the return season, I just lost interest. I might be too old for X-Files. The things I loved and worshiped in my youth, no longer keep me enthralled.

X-Files presented an interesting experiment, right. The same people coming back to revive their roles. I think if you’re going to update a show, meaning replacing the actors to reinvent a role, you have to tread carefully. There are certain people that just shouldn’t be replaced.

First, Angela Lansbury, for one. I mean, I personally think that Jessica Fletcher might have been the grim reaper. Everywhere she went someone died! I mean, how big was that town? I’m not sure that many people lived there.

Second, Tom Selleck. DO NOT FUCK WITH MAGNUM P.I.! Just don’t. And yet.


No! Just no! This is blasphemy! I simply refuse.

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