Bedtime Shenanigans

Two days in a row. Lucky you!

Please tell me this is a phase, because this is getting annoying. Three or four nights in a row bed time, we’ve read two books, hugged and kissed good night, turned out the light, and then shenanigans.

Scarlett jumps out of bed, stomps (because she runs EVERYWHERE and it sounds like a herd of elephants) up to our room and peeks inside – poking her face in between the door and the doorjamb. Then she very carefully and precisely, opens the door and pushes it back closed. She walks up to the bed and the conversation is as follows – I shit you not:

Me: What’s up?

Scarlett: Well, um, I just came in here to tell you that . . . I . . . need to use the potty.

Me: Okay, well go.

She takes off running to the bathroom. There’s some stomping, some dragging of the stool across tile floor, then some chatting to herself.

Sometimes she pees. Most of the time, not.

This happens three or four times before I finally set my foot down. Here’s the thing. If she says she has to use the potty, I don’t stop her. She’s been potty trained for less than a year. She doesn’t have accidents that often but they do happen – because she waits until the last damned minute. I don’t want to tell her no, and then that be an actual time she has to use the potty, thereby leading to an accident when she pees the bed. That’s not fun for anyone. Especially me or Ross, who has to give her a quick bath (cause you know, she’s covered in pee), change the bed linens, wash everything, and then get her back to sleep.


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