Shut up! I spelled that right on the first go. Yay me!

Okay, back to business. Let’s talk about plane etiquette. This is a real thing people and not something to be discounted or ignored.

I got home yesterday from a very long trip to Reno for RT Book Convention – which if you haven’t heard by now, is shutting down so the owners can advocate for medical marijuana. It’s all very confusing. I didn’t ask. I have questions about the business decision of shutting down a major publication but what do I know.

Airplane etiquette

  1. If you are slow and struggled with your luggage, do not walk down the center of the Jetway. This holds up everyone else behind you who are trying to either, make a connection, go home, or just get away from the plane.
  2. You are in a confined space, don’t be loud or obnoxious. You’re ruining everyone’s flight then.
  3. Again, you are in a confined space. Be sure to address any personal hygiene issues (i.e. deodorant or smelly feet).
  4. Do not bring pungent smelling food with you. This will fill the cabin and people’s clothes. Just don’t.
  5. When the plane is deboarding, don’t wait until the entire aisle in front of you is clear to open the overhead compartment, struggle with your over-sized carry-on, and then hold up everyone behind you who is also trying to get off the plane.
  6. If you’re not ready to get off the plane, stay in your seat area. Do not stand in the aisle and keep everyone behind you from exiting the plane.

In case you’re wondering, all of these things happened to me yesterday. EACH. AND EVERY. ONE.

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