Theme Song Trivia

How’d you spend your Friday night? Me? I spent an hour playing “Guess that 80’s TV theme song”.

This is how it started. My kiddo has superhero underwear and she kept asking me to sing the song. She assumes everything has a song. Well, the only words I remembered was for Wonder Woman, you know, the cheesy 70’s, Lynda Carter show. And, not even all of the words. Basically, all I could remember was the chorus of “Wonder Woman”. So, I just kept singing that over and over again until I finally pulled it up on YouTube. There are way more lyrics to that theme song than I remember.

That started a whole other conversation about 80’s theme songs, which followed by a game . . . FOR AN HOUR . . . of me guessing theme songs.

Ones I missed:

Murder She Wrote – UGH! I should have known this in my sleep, not that I’ve every actually seen an episode of Murder She Wrote but still. That theme song is imprinted on all of our brains.

Empty Nest – This is just embarrassing.

Growing Pains – Actually, if the show was on ABC, I missed it. I don’t remember EVER watching ABC as a kid. I don’t remember if 53 was ABC or not. We had two stations of CBS, a NBC, a PBS, and whatever 53 was.  Missing ABC, turned out to kill my percentage. The shows I missed from this line up were Family Matters, Thirty Something, MacGyver, Dynasty (I missed Dynasty – I know. I should be ashamed of myself.)

Who’s the Boss and Perfect Strangers I watched in reruns so I should’ve gotten them. I didn’t.

Ones I got:

Newhart – That’s right. I got Newhart and quite frankly, a little too quickly.

Amen – I’m not even embarrassed by this. I loved that show.

A string of the expected (Golden Girls, Dallas, Night Court, A Different World, Magnum P.I. – we’ve already discussed my love of Magnum P.I. so there’s no need to rehash)

Knots Landing – My mom used to watch this like it was her job but I haven’t seen this show in 30 years. Why do I have wasted brain cells for this????

Scarecrow and Mrs. King – Not sad about that one either.

Hunter – Oh, I’m real proud of this one. I legit, pulled that one out of my ass.

Hill Street Blues – of course

St. Elsewhere – My perception of this show will be forever tainted by the final episode. I was traumatized.

Chips – yep, not an 80’s show but was still in the list.

Quincy M.E. – Uh huh, I got Quincy. That’s right.

Hart to Hart – That wasn’t hard, they say the name in the first 30 seconds.

ABC shows that I did get were Diff’rent Strokes, Moonlighting, Mr. Belvedere, Mork & Mindy, and Doogie Howser. Where this information was hiding in my brain, I have no idea.

What did we learn about this?

  1. Ross and I need better hobbies.
  2. 80’s theme songs sound almost identical.
  3. They were way too long.
  4. I watched too much TV as a child, adolescent, and adult. Just saying.

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