So, I’ve been gone for a while. I had planned to write my blogs ahead of time so that when I was on vacation all I had to do was post them…

Yeah, that didn’t happen. I was ridiculously lazy where my blogs were concerned. I don’t feel bad about it either. Now, however, I have blog material for days and days. We’ll talk about a few things over the next few blogs; Godless – AMAZING, Bright – Questionable, and some other things. Right now, though, we’re going to talk about the run down my my vaca week.

How much fun can a stay-cation be? I mean, it wasn’t a thrill a minute but I got some quiet time, I saw some friends, and read some books. Okay, I read four trashy regency romance novels and I’m not ashamed one bit. They were delightful, lusty, and fun. That’s all I wanted was a little bit of fun in a corset. Is that too much to ask.

My friends and I saw Pitch Perfect 3. It was just as silly and ridiculous as you expect. Again. Fun. If you went in there thinking you were going to see La La Land, you were sadly mistaken and that’s your fault. This has Rebel Wilson in it for fuck’s sake. What are you expecting?

Christmas was lovely. As I said in my blog on Christmas day, I did not get out of my pajamas and I laid on the couch for most of the day watching silly movies. This is the spread I put out for us. Yeah, there were only three of us! What’s the problem? 26063637_10214935621841659_7129656203039335319_o

Scarlett is spoiled. That’s not my opinion anymore that’s just a fact. Here she is with two of her favorite presents. We’ve got a retro kitchen and I guess the second picture is alot of favorite presents. We’ve got the Snow White dress, the princess slippers, and the Minnie Mouse power wheels. I think I might agree with my husband. There might actually be too much Disney in my house.


After that, it was all me. I went to see Justice League. Alone. That was wonderful. Not the movie, that was just okay. But going where I wanted to go when I wanted to go was amazing. Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad they decided to have a cohesive plot instead of throwing shit at the wall to see what stuck! That was a good choice. But it still wasn’t right. It was good. Not great.

I took my kid to a bar to hang out with my friends, in from Portland. I also don’t feel guilty about that. She had a grand time and even used the potty like a big girl. Small things make me happy. Don’t judge me.

Then on Saturday we were supposed to go see The Last Jedi. SUPPOSED to. We had the babysitter. We had the tickets. Then. I had strep. That’s right folks. For the last weekend of my stay-cation, for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. I had strep throat and a temperature of 101. That’s how I spent my New Year’s day, sitting in an Urgent care – with my toddler – trying not to die on the spot.

So, other than the strep and fever, it was a pretty good stay-cation and I’m ready to be back at work…

I’m still working on the independently wealthy thing. I’ll let you know if I get there.


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