Last night was Halloween and Scarlett was really…really excited about it. When I got home from work, she was shouting.

Scarlett: It’s HALLOWEEN!

Me: I know.

Scarlett: It’s exciting (cause that’s how my 2.5 year old talks)

Here’s the thing. This was the first Halloween that she actually understood what was going on and what a costume really was. So, Ross and I decided we were going to dress up too. This way, it was fun for her and it would be a surprise.

My daughter’s favorite show, beside Mickey Mouse Club House, is PJ Masks. We’ve had previous discussions regarding the ridiculousness of this show on previous blogs. Just to refresh your memory, I’ve included some pictures.


Here’s our efforts from last night.

First, I’ll hit you with the cute…


Now, the whole family.


Ross and I completely understand that we look like fools but she was excited and had a really good time.

She kept running up to houses and shouting, “Trick or treating”. That’s not a typo. After about an hour, she was ready to get out of her costume. We put her in a coat and hat to play outside while the trick-or-treaters trickled through. At some point, she looked at me.

Scarlett: I’m pooping.

Me: Right now?

Scarlett: Uh huh.

Me: Okay, I guess it’s time for your bath.

She and Ross went inside leaving me alone with the candy. I didn’t eat any…I swear. At around 7:30 pm, it was too damned cold for me to be outside anymore and I gave up. I cleaned up the front porch and left the candy out there for the last half an hour. I’m not even sure anyone else showed up after I went inside. So, now we have a shit ton of candy which can’t be good.


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