Facebook Feed

So, I had stopped following…basically everyone. I couldn’t take the political bullshit that was flying around on either side of the spectrum. What this means is that my feed had nothing left in it except recipes from delish.com – like this one that kinda turned my stomach

This one that just makes me want to eat

and a whole bunch of other things that just make me hungry. There are pictures of locations around the world which are really pretty and just make me realize how much of the world I’m not seeing. There is also the random other shit that serves no purpose. Not to mention the click-bait that we’ve discussed my obsession with in previous blogs.

I went through my friends again and decided to start following more people. See how that goes and move on from there. I might be right back where I started but I’m willing to give people the benefit of the doubt, at least for my entertainment anyway.

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