Vacation Stress

Scarlett is two and deciding where to go on vacation has been an ongoing conversation. Not only in the near future, but in the coming year. Ross and I both have a “use it or loose it” type situation with our vacation time; him more so. I can bank up to so many hours and I’m running up against that hard limit, pretty much every year now.

This summer, we’re just taking some day trips with her around the state. But planning something a little more involved raises questions.

  1. Is she tall enough to really participate?
  2. Will she be stimulated enough to not become a little terror?
  3. Will she have fun?
  4. Will Ross and I survive the fun without killing each other? That’s a real concern.

All of these are valid questions that neither one of us has the answer to. The overall vacation time issues are solved for us. One week of my vacation will be spent at RT in Reno in 2018. BY. MY. SELF.

Then, next summer, we’re spending my 40th birthday in Europe. An epic #TreatYoSelf. So, that’s two weeks down for me. Plus, Ross has an unusually high number of black out periods which makes scheduling anything a nightmare. And let’s be honest here, I don’t do heat or sun. I’m basically transparent and begin to sweat with a temperature higher than 72 degrees.

So, that’s what we’ve got. We need to spend two weeks of vacation, sometime between April-May or August-October (and that October is iffy since his week-long manager’s conference takes place in either September or October), that isn’t hot or sunny, and that a two year old would enjoy. Suggestions????

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