That’s right. I have no shame when it comes to my birthday. I don’t care how old I am. I get cake and I get presents. Two of the best things . . . EVER!

Every year, Ross and I spend the day together doing whatever our little hearts desires. Actually, since it’s my birthday, it’s whatever MY little heart desires. This is our #TreatYoSelf day. Parks and Rec fans may remember this hashtag from one of the best episodes ever.


On this day, we don’t do anything we HAVE to. We don’t cook. We don’t do chores. We definitely don’t work.

This year, we’re starting out with a fancy breakfast then hitting a movie. After that, who knows. We can do whatever we want – at least before we have to pick up Scarlett at daycare. Then it’s back to reality. Until then though, the sky’s the limit.

That’s the beauty of #TreatYoSelf.


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