Lord Buckethead

If you don’t follow British politics, you should. you really really should.

First, all the candidates have to stand on the stage and hear the results like it’s a damned bake off.

Then, each of them has to wear a coordinating ribbon to their party. I really think we should institute the ribbon nonsense. This may keep politicians from taking themselves too seriously.

Third, anyone can run. I mean ANYONE.

In Theresa May’s district, Maidenhead…hehehehe…, there’s a guy who runs every election cycle. He calls himself, wait for it, Lord Buckethead. He has a manifesto. A MANIFESTO!



Last night, the conservative party lost seats and now there’s this big hullabaloo about Theresa May stepping down and how she’s not planning on stepping down as PM. But that’s not the best part. Britain has like a zillion parties (not just two) and even Lord Buckethead got 249 or so votes last night.


If you were watching ANY of the American news yesterday and/or Comey’s testimony – which I did – you may be depressed, elated, or just plain over it. At least in Britain, they know not to take themselves too seriously. So enjoy!

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