Health Care Plan

Here at the university, we have pretty good health care. It ain’t cheap but it’s worth it. There are some hoops to jump through though.

We have a preventative health care program, “Your Plan for Heath”, where you have to get a biometric screening – and yes, it’s just as horrible and invasive as you think it is. Some nurses come over from the hospital, take your height, weight, BP, your glucose and cholesterol levels, and then tell you to exercise more and shame you about your BMI (which is a joke, btw) or whatever else is not within the accepted levels. It’s a riot. Quite frankly, if you want the health care costs of your staff to go down, make the gym on campus free for employees. But they won’t do that because that’s a revenue stream for student life. Anyway, they have this incentive program to help you track your progress in getting “healthy”.


You have to log in and click boxes, track how many ounces of water you drank each day, and so on. How many hours of sleep you got the night before; and let me just say…not enough. There’s no App. So, you literally have to log into a website each time. Who’s doing that. If it doesn’t come in an app and show up on my phone, I don’t remember to do anything. Plus, the incentive isn’t that great. You earn money toward a Health Care Spending Account. I already have one set up to deduct from my paycheck and we have a hard time spending that. It never converts to cash. NEVER. I don’t even need cash, I’d take a discount on my health care deduction from my paycheck every month. LIKE IT USED TO BE.

Plus, to be honest, I don’t care. I have such a hard time putting my meals into Weight Watchers everyday, that there’s no way I’m logging things into two different systems. it’s just not happening. Speaking of weight watchers, I haven’t done that yet today either.

It’s too stressful, even though there’s an incentive on the page to de-stress which seems like an oxymoron, but whatever. I’m not going to worry about it. I’m doing the required minimum at this point and I’m fine with it. I have too much going on to worry about some money in an HSA that I’ll never use.

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