Work Woes

I manage and approve all the financial transactions and budgets for two academic departments. I have a lot of responsibility and granted, I have 13 years of experience at the University. Not necessarily in the financial area but in general. But, Jesus Fucking Christ! It’s not that hard. I don’t expect the people around me to have the same level of knowledge that I have. I don’t. They haven’t worked here as long as I have and don’t have the access that I do. However, I do expect you to be able to reason out how to fix a problem when you change the method of payment.

You have a PO for this purchase and now, don’t want to use the PO to pay. What do you think needs to happen?

  1. You need to close the PO
  2. Submit approval for the other form of payment.
  3. Pay the bill
  4. Done

This proved to be too much.

Some of this is actually my fault. I completely understand this. Because, instead of forcing some of my employees to work it out for themselves, I answered their questions. This seems like such a benign thing to do. It starts with one question, then they figure out that you have answers and instead of seeking answers on their own, they come to you to solve their problems for them. And before you know it, two or three years have gone by and they can’t function without asking twelve questions in a day. Granted, some of those questions are justified. Some situations can get really complicated and I understand that. HOWEVER, you should be able to figure out how to change a method of payment for a purchase.

I can’t. It’s only Monday. There’s a whole week left.

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