The Fetal Position is Awesome!

I’m sorry I missed my Friday post. I was laying on the floor for the second day in a row with a pinched nerve in my back. It was kinda like labor before shit got real. Laying flat on my back in the fetal position, was the only way the pain wasn’t debilitating. I was like that for four days. I even slept on the floor for a few hours each night. The first night, I was cold and basically got rug burn every time I moved. So Ross, who might be a saint but is definitely the love of my life, built me a little bed on the floor. I think he was just happy to have the bed to himself for a little while, honestly.

Some of you may be asking, how did you manage to stay on the floor with a two year old in the house. Well, she was actually very good about it. I told her mommy hurt her back and she cuddled with me on the floor while we watched a shit ton of Disney movies and Disney Junior. I’m going to be honest with you. I can’t watch anymore PJ Masks. I just can’t.

It’s better but still hurts. The muscle relaxers and pain meds the doctor prescribed for me are AMAZING!

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