Violet Abyss

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To celebrate, here’s a little snippet.

Glancing at Baba Yaga, I knew we didn’t have enough people here to storm the castle but maybe we had enough to grab Ev and Booker and get away. Live to fight another day and all.

The ancient witch merely grinned at me and winked, egging me on. She was enjoying this too much and something in the pit of my stomach screamed at me to think before fighting, instead of the other way around. Whatever this stupid Chalice was, I sure as shit didn’t want it in their hands. Call me crazy but if the big bad vampire wanted it, so did I.

“Fine,” I snapped, moving my right hand off my hip and to the slit of my dress along my thigh. I gripped a stake between my thumb and first two fingers. “I’ll find your damned cup!”

“Chalice,” Baba Yaga corrected in a chirp.

“Whatever,” I snorted, sliding my left hand beneath my skirt to the sheath strapped around my other thigh. “I’ll find it but if you harm him more than he is at this very moment, you won’t see another moonrise.”

“So dramatic.” Konyam laughed.

“Me?!” I snorted. “You’re the one kidnapping and holding hostages. I came for a party. I got all dressed up and everything!”

“Here we go,” Garrett mumbled.

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