OMG! Thank you @BadBuffyOutfits.

If you’re on twitter, you have to follow this person/persons. This is an amazing feed that will not only put Buffy in a new light but make you remember all the horrible things you both wore and adored back in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

The really horrible part about going through that feed was that I could identify the season by the outfits. Ross and I scrolled through (thanks Ross for pointing it out!) and had ourselves a really good chuckle. That’s right. He follows them. He didn’t even watch Buffy but this feed is so amazing, my husband is following them.

God, there were so many things during that time period that were just fashionably wrong. And we thought they were awesome. Flood flare pants for instance. Why? Why was that a good look? I have no idea. Let’s make the ends of our pants really wide but then end just at or worse, above the ankle. I don’t really understand what the hell we were doing. I say we because I am not immune. I absolutely did some of these horrible things. There will not be pictures to prove it.

Also, I get that Cordelia was supposed to be preppy but why did she always look like a housewife in the Hamptons that had too many martinis. What was with the tennis skirts and sweaters tied around her shoulders. Did girls in California EVER dress like that?

Let’s talk about Xander for a minute. I get that he and Willow were supposed to be on the fringe and outcasts but come on. What was with the weird Hawaiian shirts? ALL. THE. TIME. In no universe in the 90’s was that even trying to be cool. Most people in high school at least tried.

This is one of the most AMAZING twitter accounts. Follow them if you are so incline.

Thank you @BadBuffyOutfits. Just Thank you.

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