It boggles the mind…

I’ve heard some REALLY stupid things come out of peoples’ mouths on this campus. I’ve worked here for 12.5 years, so there have been many. One of my favorites is when I walked by a student who asked her friends, “Is Italy still in Europe?” Like it was going to get up and move! I fought not to laugh out loud when her friend answered, “I think so.”  No one in the group was sure.

I particularly like the one uttered by my workstudy student. “So, if it’s a forever stamp, why doesn’t the post office send it back to me? I should be able to use it forever!” He was actually very indignant about it. I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard.

There was another good one yesterday. Sitting in my office, I heard the front door open. A student asked where the stairs were. I’m not sure who answered (I didn’t recognize the voice) but the response was “Are you going up or down?”

UP or DOWN? Why does it matter? Would the answer have been different depending on which way the student was going? Is one set of stairs only for going up and the other for going down? This was amazing to me. The best part was that no one paused or thought the exchange was strange. The student simply answered, “up”. I, however, stopped everything I was doing in my office to listen. Cause why wouldn’t you?


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