Ode to the Slanty Shanty!

I had a great idea. I’d been thinking about it for a while and since I was out of school and had plenty of time on my hands, I figured now was the time to redo our bedroom. It would be simple, throw up a few coats of paint, change the bed linens, the lamps, and POOF! Done! And it was so close to going just that way…

So here’s what we started with (please ignore the sample paint patches. There were seven of them, btw):

20140603_183352 20140603_183338


Isn’t he cute? I kept trying to take pictures without him in them but he was in a hurry to move the furniture and wouldn’t get out of the way.

You might ask yourself…how does one come by getting Bengal Orange walls? Well, see, that’s a funny story. It happens when two people are standing in Lowe’s, having already picked out colors for three other rooms.

I say, ” What color do you want to paint our bedroom?”

Ross says, “I don’t care. What ever you want.”

Me, “No, really. What do you like? What do you want.”

Him, “I don’t care.”

Me, “Fine, if you don’t tell me what you want, I’m picking this!” Which just happened to be the color you see above.

Him, “Whatever you want.”

Me, “ARGH! Fine!”

I slapped that stupid palette down on the counter and got a few gallons. That, my friends, is how you end up with Bengal orange walls.

So after a lot of work…from Ross cause I was out of town the weekend he painted. And let’s face it, he would prefer it that way. I can’t paint and have actually been forbidden from painting. See that nice hacksaw jagged edge at the top. Yep, that’s me.

So, here’s what we ended up with instead:

20140611_192155 20140611_192218 20140611_192308


LOOK! It’s like adults live there. There are things on the walls and everything. The entire process was easy peasy with the exception of one thing. The LAMP SHADES. The lamps were just fine but the shades turned into the great fiasco of 2014. Who would have thought that two tiny little objects could have caused so much frustration, multiple trips to Target and all over town. I sure as hell didn’t.

The first set blended too much with the walls. This statement came from Ross by the way, after telling me several times he didn’t care about the lamp shades. Clearly, he does when the blend in with the wall color.

I took those back and got two more, which turned out to be two different colors. One white and one beige.

I took the beige one back and bought what I thought was another white one. Nope! Took that one back.

Then Ross took a stab and bought a replacement shade. He thought that one was white. NOPE!

So we took both back to match them. Well, they didn’t have any white ones so we gave up and got the silver ones you see in the picture above. I don’t even care anymore, i have muted light and that’s all that matters.

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