A few choice reviews for some faculty members I know from all over campus. Try not to snort water out of your nose! It will be hard…

These have been taken directly from ratemyprofessor.com and even if these students didn’t get great grades in their  classes (as can be seen in some of the spelling errors), they definitely get an “A” from creativity. Names have been eliminated to protect the … innocent!

XXX is a hate-filled, homework monger. If you are in this class with him, quit your job, divorce your spouse, and sell everything you own. You are now XXX’s. He has no mercy, he knows no mercy. He has no problem stacking impossible task on top of impossible task. Drop the class now!!!

I wanted to kill myself EVERY second of this class. It was the hardest class I’ve ever taken and he truly has NO MERCY. Do not take this class and save yourself from the stress!!!!!!!

I don’t think it is his accent that makes him hard to understand, rather the way he rattles on and on about something unimportant, that never relates to anything in the course. Nice guy, but babbles. A lot! Terrible teaching. He is very smart, and I believe he knows his material, I just think he hit his prime about 28 years ago…Throw in the towel

One of the worst teachers I’ve had since…dunno when.He’s like your granpa, if he was Yoda and liked to drone on and on about how it was in the old country. I couldn’t learn anything from him so I stopped going to class and still passed it. He really needs to retire.

The worst teacher ever in the history of mankind. Ironic that he thinks he is the greatest. A bitter, old man that should retire, or be forced to leave by the department.”

This guy would let you drown in your own spit. worst class expoerence ever.”

One should rename this class “XXX’s Tirade on Capitalism”. She would give you two opposing articles than absolutely trash the one that believed in Western Economics. There was no scientific data to back her ranting. I learned NOTHING except for her opinion. At one point she blamed those who looked like me (blonde) for terrorism.

And you wonder why your courses don’t enroll…hmmmm.

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