Book #9 in The Blushing Death Series

All pathes cross in Columbus as the preternatural world jockey for control and power. Dahlia, Patrick, and Dean will have to take a stand if they want to not only survive, but rule.

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To save Ev and Tag, Brittany must master the powerful magic of a goddess to stop a sorcerer from raising the Goddess of Carnage from manifesting through the cauldron.

Blood and Bone Legacy

“I couldn’t tell him the truth, that I hadn’t been strong enough to kill her. I could’ve killed her, easily. I wasn’t . . . ready. I’d already seen so much death. I wasn’t ready to have it be at my hand.”


Hereditary Magic

The Blushing Death Series 

“The Ewan Blade is a dark fae killer. I am a dark fae killer,” I hissed, feeling more like myself than I had since entering this stupid fucking mountain.”


Amber Ruin


“You ready?” I whispered. We hadn’t had time to practice and what we were going to attempt was dangerous to say the least. I patted the Chalice sticking out of the back of my jeans just to make myself feel better. Sometime between dragging Patrick from the rubble and our drive to Konyam’s compound, the magic had come alive again and the strong hum emanating from it was comforting.”


Violet Abyss

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