Weight Watchers & Meal Prepping

I have been sucked back into Weight Watchers. FOOL! Let’s be honest, I’ve been paying weight watchers on and off for the better part of five years. They own me.

I’m fine with it and I can stick to it as long as I meal prep on the weekends. It’s when I don’t have something prepared that I get into trouble. With a toddler, that gets harder and harder to 1) get it done and 2) find the time. I’m managing.

However, this week, everything I made was a complete and epic fail.


Epic Fail #1

I prepped breakfast. Little egg muffin cups. Not that hard. It’s like making scrambled eggs, only you bake them. You just throw some shit in a bowl, mix it up and bake it. Well, I bought some crab – as protein – to add. By the time I started making them, I completely forgot about the crab and thawed out some shrimp. Okay, fine but I added the whole bag. Then I remembered the crab and not wanting it to go to waste, added half of that bag too. With some spinach, red peppers, and cheddar cheese, it doesn’t sound so bad. The first morning I was supposed to eat these, I had to drop her off at daycare. I put them in the microwave, made her breakfast, put everyone’s coats on and got everything and everyone in the car. This took approximately five minutes. Then I remembered I had to get gas. Another ten minutes. Then I went through Starbucks for coffee. Then we headed to daycare. It’s on the short drive to daycare from Starbucks that I finally start eating this breakfast. Let’s take a short run down of the timeline.

6:45 am – heat eggs

6:50 am – leave house

7:00 am – leave gas station

7:10 am – leave Starbucks.

Yep, you read that right. It has now been 25 minutes since I heated these eggs up. I don’t know if it was because they were completely cold or if it was because I put WAY too much shrimp in the mixture but I almost yakked right there in the car. The thought of these things has turned my stomach and I haven’t been able to eat them since.

Epic Fail #2

A coworker and I had a conversation about adding powdered peanut butter and chocolate to Greek yogurt to flavor it up with some berries. Last week, I mixed the powdered peanut butter with Greek yogurt, because that’s what I had in the house, and it wasn’t bad. This week, I decided I was going to go for it and mix the PPB and Cocoa in the yogurt.

What my coworker failed to mention was that she didn’t use cocoa. She used Hershey’s syrup.

This doesn’t end well. Not only is my mixture a glob of goo and horrible tasting, but it looks like dog poop with some berries sprinkled on top. On top of everything else, the consistency is strange and dense. It feels almost like a mousse that’s been cold too long and then not good.

Epic Fail #3

I made tuna noodle casserole for dinner this week. Ross was going to be getting home late every night and I thought this would be something easy we could all eat when we got home. My intentions were pure and good. That doesn’t happen that often.

First, Scarlett wouldn’t eat it, so she’s been having PB&J each night.

Then, each morning when I got up, I noticed a different fast food drink on Ross’s nightstand which told me he didn’t eat it. So, by last night – Thursday – I had been the only one eating it all week. I’m tired of tuna noodle casserole. At this point in the week, I’m tired of everything I’ve eaten. The same breakfasts. The same lunches. The same snacks. The same dinners. I’ve eaten the same thing every day for FOUR STRAIGHT DAYS. Then last night, Ross got home and actually had some. He said it was good. Then he added that he thought it probably needed more tuna.

Shut up. Seriously.

Just. Shut. Up.

I need a glass of wine but that’s four fucking points.


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