Better Late Than Never

I didn’t post a blog on Monday. Mostly because I didn’t have anything to say. I’m afraid that I’ve become an incredibly boring individual. I’m going to be honest with you, my post today isn’t going to be hat riveting.

I’m in love with this show Better Late Than Never. It’s ridiculous!

This show revolves entirely around four old stars traveling around the world and it’s hysterical.


Henry Winkler and Bill Shatner are like super besties and there’s something about that just makes me happy. Also, Terry Bradshaw is a juvenile which is just hilarious. George Foreman loves ABBA!?! Who knew?


So at the moment, I have a bunch of things piling up in my DVR (hello Arrow, I’m looking in your direction) and a few more that I’m currently ignoring on Netflix but that I still want to watch (Mind Hunter and Jessica Jones). This is the only show I consistently watch each week.

Listen, don’t judge me. Ross already does and pretty vocally too. I need a laugh now and then. And four old dudes making fun of each other and trying new things that make them uncomfortable cover that for me.

Also, they’re naked . . . a lot which is really weird. Just saying.

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