Cold. Cold. Cold.

Central Ohio is fickle where the weather is concerned. Last week, it went from 15 for 60 in a matter of days. It’s supposed to do that again this week. However, last night it was -7. When I got up this morning, the temperature outside had hit 9.


And I had a moment where I was like, that’s not that bad. But that is COLD.

This is not okay. As I was pulling into the garage this morning, I saw some kid walking to class with a quilt. He had it wrapped around his head like and clutched beneath his chin as it fanned out behind him like a cloak. It was kinda amazing. It was a legit quilt, squares and all. You know his mom gave that to him. She probably worked hard on it and he was dragging it outside like we lived in some other dimension where cloaks were okay. I’m gonna be honest with you, I was a little jealous.

Scarlett has a little snow suit – which she is super adorable in – but as I passed it on draped over the kitchen chair this morning, all I kept thinking was…where do I get one for me. Let’s be honest, that wind blew right through my pants on my 10 minute walk to work this morning. I was extremely jealous of the quilt/cloak.

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