Facebook Market Place

Today we could talk about gun control or mental health care issues but this blog isn’t supposed to be political. That was never the intention. This is a place for my readers to escape and enjoy themselves by laughing at my charming wit  cute-wink-smiley , my mishaps, and my snark – I know that’s why most of you read….I’m entertaining. So, that’s what we’re going to do.

So, let’s get to it.

Has anyone been on Facebook Market Place? Please tell me you have. This is an amazing gathering place for random shit and crap. I scrolled through the other night and was amazed at the shit people were selling.

Would you like a trash bag full of “jeans”? You can buy it. Now, this was a black garbage bag. There could have been anything in there; jeans – of course is the obvious answer – but it could also be rotten cheese, or baby doll heads, or severed feet, or ping pong balls. IT. COULD. BE. ANYTHING.

Would you like a mac computer? We have them, 17 of them to be exact. Who has 17 macbooks? Theives, that’s who.

Would you like a half empty jar of Philosophy foundation for only $6? You can buy it. I’m not sure why anyone would want a jar of foundation that was already opened, but who am I to judge. Just a rational human being, that’s all.

Stolen mattresses, we have those too.

I have to imagine that some of the people who are selling cleaning products bundles are those aggressive couponers who hoard a whole bunch of shit. This is their spouse telling them enough is enough. “Sell some of the 100 bottles of pantene shampoo we have or we’re through!”

Okay, so I get that you’re selling the dresses but you have people wearing them. That just looks like you’re selling the women in them and I’m pretty sure that very very illegal. Put them on a hanger. We’ll get the idea.

Let’s talk about the Menudo dolls – still in the box by the way.  There is no return on investment there. First, who actually bought these? Second, who is going to purchase them from you for $10. They’re not worth the gas to come pick them up! Let alone $10.

Why is there so much wrestling stuff on there from the WWF back in the day? Trading cards. The shiny belts. Dolls. I have no words.

Also, stop sticking your fingers or thumbs in the picture if you’re selling your car. There are apps to cover up license plates in photos. they’re free and it’s very confusing about what you’re selling. Just think about that for a minute…

A used swimsuit. I don’t care how many times you wash that, someone’s hoo-ha has been up against that. Nope. Just nope.

I have to stop. This is like a spiral down into the depths of craig’s list only with pictures. It’s making me sad.

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