Eclipse Day

Am I the only person who doesn’t care? No, seriously. I’m surrounded by people with the glasses and there’s about a thousand people sitting out on the oval right now staring up at the sun. I’m writing this blog instead. Priorities people. Priorities.

Honestly though, I live in Columbus Ohio. Today is a normal, cloudy, humid as fuck day except a crap ton of people feel the need to stare up at the sun. Also, i feel like if something can blind you by looking at it, you probably shouldn’t. Just a good rule of thumb. Also, it gets dark everyday, seen it already. Not to mention, this is Ohio. Sometimes it gets dark in the middle of the day just cause. Hell, it was basically night time twice last week during some severe thunderstorms.

I’m honestly just hoping my daughter is still asleep at the daycare and they’re not letting them play outside.

Looking out my office windows…yep, looks like a normal day in Columbus Ohio.

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